22 August 2012


So much life has been happening lately - travel and projects and sudden revelations and meetings and phone calls - I kind of forgot about living it instead of sitting in front taking notes.
Right then. Back to business.

Sequoia and I were walking around discussing resolutions. It is all very well to know that you want to, say, spring up in the mornings; but it is quite another thing to make that knowledge real to yourself when it is not quite light out and the baby is dozing on your head and it seems equally sensible to wait another half hour or so to get up... but by then you have lost the sense of purpose that is the gift of early rising.

I think it is the Alter of Novhardok who says that there are two ways to work on your character: you can keep careful track of what you think and do and analyze what drives you to do it and what would effect a change; or you can put your foot down and do it.

We also thought of...

...writing down the resolution at the moment of making it together with the feelings attendant upon it, as those are so easily forgotten. (Sequoia suggested this because we are both words-people; I don't know if a person who gets uptight in trying to commit his thoughts to paper would find it so helpful.)
...learning material relevant to the resolution, so that one is constantly having new insights into it.
...mutual accountability: I'll do it if you will.

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