29 September 2013

Dark Mink

Some Israeli friends of mine were once invited to a wedding at which the color scheme for family members was Champagne. They thought that was hilarious: "Champagne? That's a color?"

I have lived among New Yorkers long enough that it no longer strikes me as hilarious that a wedding would have a color scheme, or that the color would be called Champagne... but I did get the giggles recently when my friend was busy calling bridal shops searching for a garment in Dark Mink.
"Dark Mink? That's a color? What color is a mink, anyway?" -- but all the shops knew exactly what she was talking about.

...whereupon we here in the Rain made a list of colors that we'd like to set as the color scheme for a party.
We tried to come up with colors that you can almost visualize... you're sure you know what color that is... except that, on second thought, you'd be hard-pressed to specify exactly what it is...

Faded Venezuela
Burnt Horizon
Arctic Grape

Then we got silly...
Yellow Cup (as opposed to plain yellow)

...and sillier...
Postmodernist Aster
 Antidisestablishmentarian Pink
Yesterday's Backgammon
 Mutual Fish

I wish I could take credit for coining the name Mutual Fish, but that is the name of a real fish store in Seattle.

 Then we listed all the shades of yeshivish suits that the men might wear to this wedding...
Times New Roman
Flat Tire
Black Licorice
Vivid Bat

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