11 February 2016

January HSF and 35 by 35 nos. 20 & 21

Sewing, again...

The theme for the January HSF is Procrastination.
Hanh! Any of my sewing projects would fit into that category. Things come up and are urgent for a week and then I find something in the closet that fills the need and back they go in the cupboard.

This time the project was easy and simple enough that the thing actually got finished in the same month in which it was started. This would be my all-purpose recipe for skirts if I could just figure out how to keep a placket closed.

The great lesson this time was that 19th-century skirts are first hemmed and then evened out at the waist. This is delightful: it is so nice to know that all that acreage at the bottom has already been sewn when you are engrossed in the fiddly little steps of putting on a waistband: there is only what lies before you still to think about.

The Challenge: Finish something you have been procrastinating.
Material: White cotton muslin.
Pattern: Elizabeth Stewart Clark's Dressmaker's Guide.
Year: 1864. It gets a specific year because I thought we would be going to a specific event.
Notions: Two hook & eye sets.
How historically accurate is it? Extremely. The thread, though, is probably a poly blend.
Hours to complete: Here and there on other people's couches.
First worn: Not yet.
Total cost: From stash.

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