03 May 2016

Navi Class Goes Montessori: Ch. 1

Pacing: approximately one perek per week. That’s fast; but I haven’t found that this group derives an appreciable amount of satisfaction from moving slowly and thoroughly.

a. Introductory storytelling (because there are some girls with very organized minds who will melt into the floor like the Wicked Witch of the West if they are asked to piece together a story they haven’t heard the end of yet).
b. Occasional class-wide or small-group discussion or special project.
c. Otherwise, students are turned loose in a classroom with 30+ activities tacked to the wall, and choose what they want to do. Some activities are social, some creative, some skills-intensive. As we go on I will probably start meeting with them to discuss their goals and choices, but for now the only guideline is that each day is graded like an assignment: the assignment is diligence.
Also, they have to complete:
d. One guided-reading worksheet per perek. They can use an English Navi for this. They have a choice between my worksheets, which are very how-would-you-have-felt-if-it-were-you, or Rabbi Alterman’s much more straightforward who-what-when-wheres, which I pulled off Chinuch.org.
e. Two translation worksheets per week. (We have a four-day week.) Break up the pasuk into shorashim and by trop; write in full English sentences.

We have a couple of other programs humming along in the background of class, one an individualized plan for behavior, the other a universal growth program I swiped from Novhardok; but those are a different story.

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