16 June 2017

35 by 35 nos. 28-31: doll, doll, doll (do we see a pattern here) (no pun intended), skirt.

Sewing again

28, 29, 30. Dolls.

My mother made me a pocket-sized doll when I was little and I've always felt that was a good size for a doll. I wanted to use the pattern to teach a group of girls to sew; but first I had to re-create the pattern.
Attempt no. 1 was too small. It's amazing how wide you need to make a pattern to get a round doll. Attempt no. 2 had too-short arms. Attempt no. 3 came out just right. Yay.

It crossed my mind how to make a living sewing these and costumes for them and then I remembered that no, as cute as they are, this is really not what I want to do with my life. Next.
Somewhere out there there is an alternate universe with all the projects I am never going to do. I've been growing gardens of silk ribbon embroidery flowers there for years.

31. Skirt.
A friend of my mother-in-law's sent us a patchwork quilt recently... which is an amazing, wonderful gift, especially considering that she's never met us. It makes me wonder whether I will ever be nice enough to spend days sewing patchwork for the grandchildren of people I meet only online who live on the other side of the country.
Thank you.

Loops fell in love with one of the fabrics in the quilt, so I found an end-of-bolt of it and surprised her with a half-circle skirt made in the same material as a Pesach present.
I had the entire family (minus Loops), plus a houseguest, twiddling protractors trying to figure out how to get the most froof per yard (someone needs to invent a formula for this) but I finally concluded that the best technique for my math problem would be to cut it out and see what would happen.
Done. Skirt. Yay.
Loops is pleased. My verdict is that half-circle skirts are not certifiably froofy, but close enough for this occasion.

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