23 May 2013


Babyloops saw a man eating soup, and asked for some.
"No, Babyloops," I said, "It's not kosher."
She kept admiring the soup.
"Should we go find you something kosher?" I suggested.
"Find you something kosher!" she agreed, and off we went.
"Do you want a banana?"
"No! I want kosher!"
"Do you want chips?"
"No! I want kosher!"
"A banana is kosher. So are chips."
"No, I want kosher!"
So I gave her a carton of Haagen-Dazs and a spoon.
"I like kosher," she said.

[**the word "please" has since entered her vocabulary.]

Funny mistranslation

‎"But for a burst of pizzas, throw little somethings all over."

- advice on how to host a party, from the Jerusalem phone book