30 April 2012

The Baby Clothes Manifesto

Thank you all for your appreciation.
This post, a look at what constitutes good baby clothes, has been removed at the request of the dressmaker who posted it.
Apologies if you've followed a link from elsewhere.


  1. These type of dresses are best option for kids,these look very comfort and color is also amazing,parents should choose comfortable and non allergic clothes for baby.

  2. really really really love the cute shoes! Thanks for sharing the baby clothes comments too. had me laughing in agreement!

  3. I just stumbled upon this site. Thanks for sharing such a valuable discussion here.

  4. Where do you start? Buying baby clothing can be tricky business, especially for first time mums, there are so many baby dresses and outfits to choose from! I know I had a difficult time and made some blunders with my purchases along the way.

  5. You can also choose exquisitely made baby products which are handmade and vary in color and prints.
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