23 April 2012

A most wonderful person

My all-time favorite vignette in Rabbi Bechhofer's biography of Rav Avraham Elya Kaplan, who has been quoted here before, is this:

When Rabbi Aharon Kotler married Reb Isser Zalman's daughter, Reb Aharon delivered an extraordinarily profound pilpul [intricate Torah discourse]. None of those present fully comprehended its contents. Up stood Reb Avraham Elya with a smile, and repeated the entire pilpul clearly - in rhyme! 

...which still makes me laugh over breakfast, 98 years later.


  1. You might be interested in AishDas's R' AE Kaplan resource page. Links to biographies, scans from BeIqvos haYir'ah of some of his essays, poems, songs. Even recordings of one of RYGB's talmidim playing three of RAEK's songs on the keyboard.


  2. I have a few zechuyos I'm banking on getting me into the World to Come. One of them is spreading the word on, and the words of, RAEK.