11 December 2011


Crater Lake: (being)

S: Big!

Crater Lake: Yeah.

S: Blue! Very blue.

Crater Lake: Oh, come on. You can do better than that.

S: Umm... no, seriously, I thought you were the size of a postcard, since that's where I've always seen you. Ripply. Matte.

Crater Lake: (waiting)

S: Too bad I didn't bring dishes to immerse... oh, give me a minute. I'm out of practice.

Crater Lake: (waiting)

S: You're not helping.

Crater Lake: (waiting)

S: Jacob desired to dwell in tranquility.

Crater Lake: (caught off guard) What?

S: You were waiting for me to say something profound, and that was the first thing that came to mind.

Crater Lake: But what do you mean by it?

S: I guess... that you have no outlet. You aren't going anywhere. You have no challenges. You don't interact with the rest of Oregon. The area around you is a desert, and you sit here. Aren't you a bit ahead of the times, kicking back like this?

Crater Lake: Do I look like I'm doing something I shouldn't?

S: No. You look all right. Quite lovely, in fact. I guess... you remind me of the Chazon Ish, sitting sixty years in the back of the House of Study. To come see you people have to know you exist, or go out of their way to trip over you. Are you going to run into the sea one of these days?

Crater Lake: I don't think that far ahead.

S: Don't you feel a bit uncomfortable about being a lake?

Crater Lake: Not in the slightest. I love it.

S: I could never be a lake. That is SO not my way of doing things.

Crater Lake: Are you sure?

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