09 January 2012

Sewing resources

...so this is supposed to be a blog about Torah and poetry, but I did warn you that it would be about poetic Torah lives also... and, like, everything else...

I had a legitimate need (teaching beginners) to poke around online for some sewing resources. Here are the best of them, to save others the same poking.

Background Information

One of a series of excellent articles on the fibers used in textiles, and their manufacture -- about 100 years out of date, but quite fascinating. I knew subconsciously that there are many steps between plant and garment, but I didn't realize that it takes quite so much work... http://www.oldandsold.com/articles04/textiles9.shtml

Halfway down this page is a highly magnified photograph of different textile fibers. Just below that is a magnified image of the differences between regular and washable wool. http://www.medicalsheepskins.com/wool.htm


Simple baby clothes patterns. I have used a couple of these. http://babypatterns.atspace.com/overview.html

Fabric dollhouse pattern and instructions. http://uklassinus.blogspot.com/2008/08/fabric-dollhouse-tutorial.html

A series of tutorials on sewing pockets. http://www.ikatbag.com/2010/12/pocketful-of-sky-summary-and-giveaway.html

Shoe patterns and instructions:

Leather moccasins: http://www.nativetech.org/clothing/moccasin/mocinstr.html
Children's elasticized ballet slippers: http://www.ikatbag.com/2008/12/dress-up-box-tippytoes.html
Baby shoes -- ribbon-tied: http://www.homespun-threads.com/hp_zencart/download/strappyshoes.pdf
pleated: http://www.homespun-threads.com/hp_zencart/download/pleatedballerinashoes.pdf
asymmetrical: http://www.homespun-threads.com/hp_zencart/download/pleatedballerinashoes.pdf

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