25 March 2012

Mind the Gap

Which gap?
The synaptic gap?
The gap between who you are and whom you want to be?

Pick your gap, and mind it.


  1. The "Mind the Gap" concept is dear to me. I do like this simple, yet profound post.

    1. Thank you ever so much!

      I read your post on birds -- very interesting, thanks; I'll have to chew that over. What do you propose a person should do with his brand, once he's determined it?
      Part of having a brand is knowing when to obscure it, to allow others their say -- to learn about them -- to make them comfortable -- or simply to not take up too much space.
      What about applying the idea more internally, more along the lines of: what is your signature character trait?
      Blackbirds are magnificent, aren't they?

  2. For me this is a reminder of Abrams's blood covenant with God. The Torch goes through the gap, bridging the distance between God's promise and Abrams reality.