03 June 2012

Shavuos Menu

I. Do. Not. Cook. Complicated.
I make whatever can be thrown together in five minutes based on what is cheap, seasonal, and unprocessed. And once a week I bake challah.

But when Shavuos comes around, I get out the recipe books and have an annual cooking spree.
The custom is to serve dairy at least once on Shavuos; most people make blintzes and cheesecake.

I'm still not sure why it is considered normal to post one's menus online, but someone told me I should. I guess it gives other people ideas... so here you are.
Last year for Shavuos I made challah, garlic naan, lasagna, saag paneer (served with yogurt), spanakopita, build-your-own Israeli salad, seven-toed bear-claws, and carrot cake.

This year there is a spinach shortage, so besides serving yogurt, I made challah, plain naan, lasagna (with mushrooms instead of spinach), vegetarian shepherd's pie, rice-and-cheese balls, vegetarian bean sausages, malai kofta sauce, mushroom sauce, build-your-own Israeli salad, gefilte fish with fixings, and seven-toed bear-claws with chocolate sauce.
I'm not crazy -- we had guests, and now I get a week off from having to cook anything :) .

The custom in Frankfurt was to serve a dairy "moulish" in the shape of a seven-runged ladder. I've never been able to identify what a "moulish" is or how you keep a filled ladder-shape from falling apart in the oven... hence the bear-claws.

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