03 May 2016

Sefira calendar...? or just little houses to cut out

The big elementary-school activity this season is making Sefira calendars for counting up to Shavuos. I wanted to come up with an ingenious idea of my own for Loops – people get very clever with Sefira calendars – but lacking that offhand, I rummaged online and turned up this:

I printed one copy with numbers and then, because there aren’t enough, covered the numbers and ran another copy (it occurs to me that you could just erase the numbers in Paint on a computer).

I’m not really satisfied with this craft as a calendar: sefiras ha’omer is a wander through a wilderness, not a stroll down a civilized street. We’ll have to come up with something better for next year. But I thought those little houses are such excellent practice in coloring and cutting and gluing and engineering that I had better share the link; so here you are.
They are technically operable boxes -- you could put exercises in them or something. Sefira is not exactly candy month.

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