25 April 2012

So THAT'S why you do that

ME and MITZVAH OF REMOVING CHAMETZ FROM ONE'S HOME [commandment to remove leavened goods from one’s home for Passover]  are sitting with our feet up, sipping lemonade, on the first day of Chol HaMoed, 2012.

Me: Well! Isn't this lovely!
Mitzvah of Removing Chametz from One's Home: Yes!
Me: You were easy to fulfill this year.
Mitzvah: What do you mean?
Me: There was the year I had one afternoon in which to clean and fulfill you in a three-story house.
Mitzvah: Oh, yeah...
Me: And the year when I had to dash across town at midnight to clean someone else's apartment from start to finish.
Mitzvah: Oh.
Me: But this year, you were easy to fulfill, and I had an especially nice time fulfilling you.
Mitzvah: Thanks.
Me: (sips lemonade companionably)
Mitzvah: (sips lemonade companionably)
Me: What's that sloshing sound?
Mitzvah: (innocently) It sounds like it's coming from the freezer.
Me: Yeah.
Mitzvah: It sounds like your freezer has broken and is flooding your refrigerator with breadcrumbs and clumps of dough from the inner part of the freezer that you were not obligated to clean because you never, ever, ever unbolt it.
Me: Mitzvah. You didn't.
Mitzvah: It sounds like it is pouring out of the refrigerator onto your kitchen floor and flooding the house, bringing bread and bread dough into every room of the apartment. See -- here it comes.
Enter CHAMETZ, stage left.
Me: Oh, Mitzvah! Why did you do this?
Mitzvah: Because I love you to pieces, and I want to spend as much time with you as possible!

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