29 April 2012

What's been happening between patterns nos. 1 and 7

I mentioned earlier that I hope to sew 35 garments by my 35th birthday.
When I was 10, my mother helped me sew an outfit; I have not even hemmed a tablecloth since. The 35 are intended to start with total basics and end with pattern-drafting.
The count is as follows:

1. Baby hat, from a free Voor nop pattern. I'm not posting pictures, because I made it out of an old men's T-shirt: the colorful originals are nicer to look at. She doesn't give instructions, but it was easy enough. My daughtewore this home from the hospital.
2. Baby jumpsuit, from another free Voor nop pattern. The funny-looking piece (the labels are in Dutch) is the raglan sleeve. No pictures, for the same reason as above. Baby patterns are great for beginners, because they go quickly, and babies are forgiving about what you dress them in
3. Teddy bear, from Simplicity 5461, here.
4. Men's tish bekishe, from Simplicity 5931, a bathrobe pattern. Pictures on the way.
5. Baby bloomers with a ruffle, from Simplicity 4709. I made these in violet cotton as a present and sent them off before I could get pictures. It was my first attempt at inserting elastic into a casing and I was surprised by how easy that is, even though I accidentally used a narrow casing and wide elastic. This is an ideal beginners' pattern.
6. Princess dress, from McCall's 5731, size toddler. My daughter was the Queen of Lemons for Purim. Pictures forthcoming. This one had princess seams, an invisible zipper, and a fitting adjustment.
7. Baby shoeshere, from a free PDF pattern.

Does anyone know how to get Blogger to stop inserting an extra line between paragraphs?

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