29 April 2012

Sunday Brunch Lecture

The director of the Portland Kollel gives a delicious class most every Sunday morning. A light brunch is served.
There are even people who skype in from the East Coast and from Jerusalem, it's that fabulous and unusual.

This week we found out the subject ahead of time:

"Holiness: Asceticism or Humanism"

It's free.

Do check it out.
10:00-11:00am this Sunday (today) at the Portland Kollel, located at 6688 SW Capitol Highway.
Directions here: http://portlandkollel.org/location.html 

1 comment:

  1. On the Humanism side, did he quote R' Shimon Shkop's introduction to Shaarei Yosher? I made a bilingual version (translation mine) available here.

    His argument against the asceticism approach is that the Torah reads "Be Holy, for I am Holy". Asceticism makes no sense with respect to G-d. Separation from distractions from our goal of bestowing good, yes. But that's a consequence of holiness, which is the commitment to that goal. It is not holiness itself.