01 May 2012

Blessed Is He Who Revives the Dead!

...is the blessing recited upon seeing a dear friend you haven't seen in ages, if you had no way of ascertaining whether s/he was still among the living.
I wonder if this is because the overwhelming joy of seeing that friend again gives you some hint to what the revival of the dead will be like.

Can I just say that Feldheim totally made my day year decade life something, two weeks before Pesach, by releasing -
are you sitting? -
Volume IX.
Of Rav Hirsch's Collected Writings.

I couldn't believe it when they told me. I honestly thought they were kidding.
Volume VIII came out 17 years ago.


  1. Nevertheless, it exists. I have seen it.

  2. I was trying to express disappointment/frustration (a blend), not doubt.

    I already posted to Areivim teasing our local Hirschian (with the vehemence you would expect from a convert rather than a born member of KAJ) about saying Hallel. (He recently rejected Hallel on YhA...)