21 May 2012

Tefilas HaShelah

You can say it every day, of course, but today's the day most people make a point of reciting the prayer of the Shelah Hakadosh for one's children.

The Hebrew text and English translation are here: http://artscroll.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/prayer.pdf

Most Jewish prayers are written in the plural, on behalf of the world or the entire Jewish people - Rabbi Dr. R. likes to point out that this is also true of the Shemoneh Esrei, the whispered, meditative nut of the entire liturgy - but then there is a side literature of personal requests, like this one.
I happen to especially relate to this one - he really nails everything I wanted to say.

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  1. There is a companion prayer that gets recomposed every time I recite it which is the parent's prayer of thanks for having children who healthy in mind and body, who embrace Torah, who love life, and who know the pleasures of having students and children of their own.