13 May 2012

The Twilight Zone

I went to replace a light bulb.
"There are no light bulbs," said the clerk.
"Do you usually carry them?"
"Maybe you can find someone who still does. I doubt it. Everyone now uses these spirals instead."

I bought a spiral. I tried it. It's so efficiently small, it doesn't screw into our socket.

I feel like Rip Van Winkle. My light sockets and I went to sleep in a 60-watt age. We have awakened to find ourselves in a new and better age, an age of efficient, eco-friendly, 13-watt spirals.

How bizarre. How inspiring.


  1. I feel your pain especially when I try to open documents from my children's school, which results in my having to upgrade my Adobe which means I have to upgrade my hard drive which means I lose old stuff stored.
    My husband bought lots of the new lights and some of our lamps had to have an adapter to screw in the new bulbs. Then last summer, lightning struck our house taking out every compact bulb but not a one of the incandescent bulbs. Have to swim fast in the tech stream!!!

    1. Oh, yup!
      I find it interesting that the simple life is no longer the easiest one. Natural fibers, natural construction materials, natural foods... the less work went into something, the more expensive it is. It takes a lot of effort to remain behind the times!