03 July 2012

The Adventures of Ikkre and Tuffle

Tuffle: I want to throw myself into the woods!
Ikkre: Why?
Tuffle: Because everything in the world is hopelessly beautiful! But I don't know where to place myself in it.
Ikkre: Is it so hard to figure out?
Tuffle: Yes.
Ikkre: What do you have in mind?
Tuffle: Moss and Keats and the Sugar Plum Fairy!
Ikkre: What do you find beautiful about moss and Keats and the Sugar Plum Fairy?
Tuffle: They are all so intense... moss is so very soft and green and gives the whole atmosphere to the forest; and Keats - well, I haven't read much of him; but I liked what I did; and Tchaikovsky just reminds me of wool coats and the possibility of snow. (Realizes) It's a shallow line-up, I know, but my thoughts are disorganized today and those three are what's on top.
Ikkre: Can't you learn a commentary on Psalms?
Tuffle: Aww, Ikkre, can't you come up with something poetic to do?
Ikkre: (bangs head on wall)
Tuffle: (Realizes) I mean... yeah. (blushes)
Ikkre: I think it's a Zohar that says that when the text says King David had beautiful eyes, it means that he had every color in the world in his eyes. And that means that he experienced every possible emotion. And he put every one of them into the Psalms. You want to do something emotionally intense, all mossy and poetic and like an unopened present, go learn Rav Hirsch on Tehillim.
Tuffle: Why are you posting this on the blog? The main drama of the story is not this conversation, but what I went to read afterwards.
Ikkre: I know, but Rav Hirsch is still under copyright.

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