15 July 2012

Grumbles of a Reluctant Driver

In Jerusalem, everything you need regularly (like groceries or a post office) is available in a wee storefront a couple of blocks from your door. Everything you need semi-regularly is available within walking distance. And should you need to cross town, the bus picks you up practically in front of your door and drops you off practically at the door of wherever you're going. It does this despite Jerusalem being a city that fans out in organic tangles on three sides of the Old City.

So I am sitting here growling through the Driver Manual (sic) wondering what a fishtailing car is and thinking about how bizarre is this Amerika where everyone has to burn gas in order to drink milk.

When airplane terrorism became a concern, Americans reassured each other, "Don't worry, you're more likely to die in a car accident." The Driver Manual itself warns you to keep an eye out on the road for people with road rage or otherwise engaged in idiotic behavior. Why don't we make people walk through security every morning, or at least hand them a cupcake, before they get into a car? Is there any driver who has been driving for, say, 30 years, without getting into an accident?

Let's say you're driving along. And you find that the chap ahead of you is driving at the speed limit, unlike you. So you think, "you know, that car" - you do not think of the driver as a person - "is going too slowly; I think I'll swerve into oncoming traffic."
This is called "passing" and it is considered normal.

Just telling you how it looks to a newbie studying for her license. Y'all are crazy.

I'll stop complaining now and go back to memorizing how many hundreds of feet it takes to stop a car from the time the brake is applied.
According to the Driver Manual, it takes a different amount of time depending on whether you are driving in English or Spanish.

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