17 July 2012

Jews of the World -- UNPLUG!

Great news item about getting "unplugged." Just wanted to share this one:

Company Pays Employees $7,500 to Go on Vacation – But No Texting, Email, Or Phone Calls

Great excerpt from the article:

Some of Lorang’s software engineers that have taken him up on his offer say while it was difficult initially going off the grid, they ended up loving their completely unplugged vacation.

If only people would realize that we Jews have the gift of the "unplugged vacation" one day out of every week! And our sentiment is the same -- initially it's hard, but in the end, we completely love it! Everyone should try it -- the rewards are very great!

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  1. Many years back I became a ba'alas t'shuva (returnee to Judaism). The first change we made in our life was Shabbos observance. We unplugged everything, ignored the phone, went for walks, ate pre-prepared meals, read, took naps . . .
    At the conclusion of our very first Shabbos, my non-Jewish husband said, "That was GREAT!"